A supermarket chain offers a 100% secure shopping experience. (Paraguay)

Nov 13, 2023

The supermarket chain protects its stores with an advanced facial recognition system to protect workers and customers and offer the best shopping experience to its customers.


Paraguay’s leading chain of local supermarkets has more than 2,000 employees and more than 150 stores located at strategic points in Asunción and Greater Asunción. In addition, it offers a wide variety of products, at very competitive prices and in a 24-hour format, 365 days a year.

Its main objective focuses on protecting each and every one of its retail stores by identifying the most frequent thieves at the entrance, restricting their entry and reducing thefts. To this end, this supermarket is committed to a centralized alert system and the implementation of facial recognition technology in its stores.


Facial recognition cameras are installed at the entrances of each of the premises, providing high resolution images (up to 4 Mpx) and under any lighting conditions thanks to their built-in infrared illumination up to 60 meters.

The system allows you to create black and white lists, update and manage databases centrally, and integrates with Point-of-Sale Terminals (POS).

Upon identification of a habitual burglar, security officers receive an automatic alarm with the associated image or video. On the other hand, managers can also locate any person in a matter of seconds through advanced search filters (faces, names, IDs, etc.) or reference images.


reconocimiento facial integración con tpv

The images are processed by SCATI RECKON, SCATI’s Business Intelligence software. This software transforms data into useful information, and allows the creation of graphs and balanced scorecards in a simplified way, displaying that information in an organized manner to people who need to interpret it and make decisions based on it.

This is the ideal software to meet the customer’s needs, since it can classify useful information and differentiate between the different types of people accessing the establishment, thus distinguishing between wanted and unwanted people.

Local storage of these images is done through SCATI VISION N400 recording servers capable of managing up to 3 megapixel cameras. These platforms feature a highly compact form factor and have an efficient heat dissipation design.


The installation of this innovative solution positions this supermarket chain as one of the most secure stores, offering its customers the best shopping experience.

Thanks to the installation of these video surveillance systems directly connected to the point-of-sale terminals, the supermarket chain has managed to prevent each and every one of the robberies carried out by habitual thieves, so we are talking about 100% effectiveness.

The installation of facial recognition systems in the retail chain opens up a world of possibilities, both for security and for the operation of a business, since other departments of the company cansegment your customer profile by gender and age for commercial purposes and to control the access of its employees and visitors. Todo ello cumpliendo la normativa vigente sobre protección de datos.

“This project enables the supermarket chain to offer a good and safe shopping experience to its customers. It also positions SCATI technology as a benchmark in the retail sector in Paraguay,” he says. Javier Larrodé, SCATI Branch Manager in Brazil.

SCATI is a company specialized in adapting its solutions to the needs of its customers and has been able to understand the needs of this supermarket chain to offer them a solution to solve their theft problems.