Interview with Alfonso Mata, Managing Director at SCATI

Feb 13, 2023

“Active listening to our customers is one of SCATI’s fundamental pillars”

alfonso mata

With the clear objective for 2023 of continuing to consolidate in the markets in which they operate (Europe, Middle East and Latin America), and in sectors such as Logistics, Banking and Critical Infrastructure, but also with a focus on new projects, Alfonso Mata, Managing Director de SCATI, discusses in this conversation with Cuadernos de Seguridad, the pillars on which SCATI’s strategy is based, which remain intact since its creation, as well as the role that technological innovation plays and will play in the world of security.

To begin with, what are the fundamental pillars on which SCATI has been built since its inception?

The fundamental pillars of SCATI are three. The first, active listening to our customers, that is, within the video surveillance market there is a lot of competition, but companies like SCATI that are able to customize solutions, there are not so many. Therefore, the key is to be able to actively listen to your customers, to understand what their problems are and to be able to adapt your products and solutions to those needs and not the other way around. And to be able to do this, the key is to differentiate yourself in the commercial treatment, in pre-sales and after-sales, as well as having a team on which this way of working is based.

The second element, without a doubt, is to have your own technology. We are developers and we do not depend on anyone to be able to provide these solutions adapted to our clients. In short, we try to understand what you need and be able to put it into practice.

And the third element, focused within the video surveillance and security chapter, especially in video, is to be able to offer a complete solution,, that is, from end to end, from the cameras to the application used to operate the system, including all the intermediate elements: recorders, management servers, all types of analytics, license plate reading, facial recognition…

“Flexibility is one of our differentiators, as well as the ability to customize to a specific customer need.”


What are the differential elements of SCATI in relation to other companies operating in the same field?

One of our differential elements is flexibility, and the ability to customize a specific customer need, or a corporate policy or cybersecurity rule that a company sets for itself One of our differential elements is flexibility, and the ability to customize a specific customer need, or a corporate policy or cybersecurity rule that a company sets for itself In the end, the market is varied, global and very diverse, and you need, as in the case of SCATI, which does not only operate in Spain, to be flexible when encountering all kinds of cases.

What business strategy has the company set for itself between now and 2023?

Firstly, our objective for 2023 will be to continue to consolidate our position in the markets and verticals in which we are strong. Within the markets I am referring to all of Europe, the Middle East and the Latin American region and, in terms of verticals, we can highlight Banking, Logistics and Critical Infrastructure.

This is our goal, to be able to continue offering new technological solutions that are demanded and to respond to the most complete services. In addition, we are not only focusing on these markets, but we are also doing things in the United States, in Southeast Asia… looking for new partners and markets, etc.

Does SCATI plan to expand its business strategy to other sectors?

Yes, at the level of verticals we are making a great effort both commercially and technologically in improving our video solutions, focused mainly for industry, without leaving out other segments such as public safety or Smart City. The key to these sectors is that video is not necessarily used for security purposes, especially in industry.

We are seeing that there is a huge market where video is valued as another technology to improve processes, to make certain supply chains more efficient, not only to protect us against security risks: that is, it is a way of democratizing video so that it not only serves for security, but for other fields or areas.

Concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data…, how do you think they will affect and what implementation will they develop in the fields of security in the coming years?

These are technologies that are already implemented. The clearest application in the world of security, and in which we are specialists, which is video, is to analyze video, that is, to analyze images in order to extract information and data from them. Artificial Intelligence is a novel mechanism for performing these analytics, extracting, as I said, information with increasingly interesting applications such as the classification of people or objects.

Being able to offer a security manager an investigation tool where I could search the video for “people with a red sweater or a certain yellow car” is possible with these tools thanks to algorithms. Today this is key, and many of our customers are already asking us for this type of application, and others such as reading QR codes through cameras to extract information and be able to trace the supply chain.


“Our goal for 2023 is going to continue to be to consolidate in the markets and verticals where we are strong”

What solutions does SCATI offer to the market today? What is the added value of its solutions and products?

It is true that today there are many very large and global competitors, but in our region of operation, EMEA, especially Spain, the Middle East and the entire Latin American region, it is difficult to find a company developing video surveillance solutions that meets SCATI’s offer from the point of view of a complete solution. There are companies that focus only on cameras, others on the VMS software, others on analytics: therefore, customers see it as a plus of guarantee and commitment to be able to offer a complete solution.

SCATI has recently inaugurated new offices where the technological factor has been a key factor in the facilities, what has this change meant for the company?

Indeed, during the first quarter we completed our project to adapt the new building where we have moved our headquarters, with the aim of making a leap in our corporate image, deploying all our solutions and technologies, centralizing them in a spectacular showroom that allows us to show everything we are capable of doing.. At the same time, we have more space to develop our work in all areas, as well as greater production and warehouse capacity. We are very satisfied with the result and with our “new home”, ready for our future growth expectations.

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