Centralized system management

SCATI ACCESS, Access Control Management Software

Flexible system administration


The ACCESS SUITE is a comprehensive access control solution, consisting of an ecosystem of hardware devices, coupled with a management software platform, SCATI ACCESS.

Designed and developed on open standards, this access control software offers our customers a solid, reliable and scalable solution to protect their facilities with maximum guarantees.

SCATI ACCESS offers different editions with the objective of adapting specifically to the specific needs of each user, always maintaining the maximum scalability to grow at the same pace as the needs of our customers grow.
A robust access control solution, based on advanced technologies that reduce the possibility of identity theft and ensure that only authorized persons can access permitted areas.


Pedro Revilla

Pedro Revilla

Presales & Support Specialist

Every facility is unique and therefore your access control needs vary. Our SCATI ACCESS access control software platform offers you the complete solution you need to protect your facilities, integrating with video surveillance, alarms or building management systems. This guarantees you complete control of the installation and allows you to provide a rapid response in the event of incidents.

Take the leap to a new level of security and comfort.

control local de los accesos del edificio

Aimed at the local management of small buildings in terms of the number of access points.
This edition facilitates and simplifies deployment in smaller installations, without diminishing the functionality and features available in the PRO edition.

The PRO edition is oriented to the local control of medium and large buildings, where both the volume of information and the operation tasks are more demanding.

It provides the set of tools necessary to specifically meet the highest demands in terms of access control systems.

Oriented to large corporations in which centralized control (multi-site) offers competitive advantages and simplifies daily operational tasks.

It offers monitoring and control services for all buildings from a unified user interface, as well as centralized data management and storage.

Developed for situations where mobility functions are required. The GO edition can be run on mobile devices that support NFC technology as an identification element. It also supports the reading of QR codes through the device’s camera.

It is fully integrated within the different editions of the ACCESS line (PRO and CORPORATE).


Controllers are the backbone of our access control system. Designed with advanced technology, the controllers are the key to adaptive security and seamless management of your spaces.

With the ability to seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of SCATI’s own or third-party readers, our controllers not only ensure secure access, but also provide the flexibility your system needs.

Simplify the administration of multiple access points and ensure operability thanks to the fact that our controllers store permission and user databases locally, without the need to connect to the main server.


Our state-of-the-art readers redefine security and convenience in access control.

From high security cards to biometric solutions, our readers adapt to your needs.

As a global provider of intelligent security solutions and specialists in video surveillance, we complement our line of readers with facial recognition terminals and LPR (license plate reading) cameras, to broaden the range of solutions we make available to you.

Do not compromise on safety or flexibility. With our readers, you can be sure that you have total control in your hands, no matter which access technology you prefer.


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