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SCATI RECKON, our BI software, centralizes and manages a large amount of data from cameras, recorders or even third-party systems. It transforms data into useful information, allowing the creation of graphs and balanced scorecards in a simplified way, showing that information in an organized way to the people who need to interpret it and make decisions based on it.

Discover how video technology, combined with this powerful BI tool, enables you to ensure safety, streamline processes, optimize your resources, decrease response times and maximize the profitability of your facility.


balanced scorecards

It allows the creation of customizable dashboards or reports adapted to the user’s management and operation needs.


Several modules are available for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

return on investment

Get the most out of your cameras and devices and exploit all the information your video surveillance system has to offer.



SCATI CASH integrates ATM and/or POS operations with camera images to ensure traceability of transactions and associate them with video.

With SCATI CASH you can search by any parameter (type, code, card number, date, etc.) and locate the associated images and provide tangible evidence to speed up legal proceedings and avoid false claims by customers.


SCATI TRACKER integrates the video system with a state-of-the-art indoor geolocation system to locate any merchandise, person, or asset in real time and with maximum precision.

Go a step further in the traceability of your merchandise, locate your assets in real time and receive automatic alerts in case they invade a restricted or hazardous area.


Together with the image capture performed by the cameras, SCATI PARCEL integrates with the client’s warehouse management systems to obtain metadata with the information associated with each item (dispatch or tracking number, origin, destination, dimensions, etc.). This information is presented in a unified form to the user making the queries.

With SCATI PARCEL, the user can search by the data of interest associated with the packages, view the routes of each one of them and locate the exact moment at which the incident originated in the sorter; all this, by a quick and direct access to a visual check of the recorded video.


Locate the passage of any vehicle by its license plate, date, or list to which it belongs. Your system will collect the information associated with each vehicle, license plates, time of passage or access so you can generate reports and statistics that allow you to improve decision making.


The video systems automatically detect the formation of a queue and count the number of people and the average waiting time.

With SCATI RECKON you will be able to know the average waiting time and traffic flow in your establishments through a balanced scorecard that will facilitate decision making.


By means of heat maps, managers can find out the busiest areas of a store thanks to a graphic representation by color and thus make decisions to optimize the arrangement of products at the point of sale or the human resources allocated and, thus, maximize profitability per square meter.

SCATI’s video systems will allow you to obtain information about your customers or to know which products or promotions are more attractive.

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